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Safari Vape Shop was started in Diani Beach, Kenya in 2019. We are focused on providing the Best Vaping products to people, who are interested to Stop Smoking or that are looking Alternative to Shisha Smoking. We have Extensive Selection of different Flavored Vape Juices and Nicotine levels for all the Kenyan Vapers. Our Goal is to provide Excellent Service to our customers and High Quality products that you can enjoy Vaping with !

We are the only official Vape Shop in the Kenya Coast (Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Malindi) and if you’re looking for premium Vape Juice Flavors or a Vaping device, then Safari Vape Shop is here to help you always! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Vaping and Vapes in Kenya:

What is the meaning of Vaping?

A: Vaping means to use E-cigarette or Vaping device. This happens by the device heating Vape Juice into Vapor, which you then inhale. We offer wide range of Flavors with different Nicotine levels.


Is Vaping safe?

A: According to Public Health England, Vaping is 95% Safer than Traditional cigarettes or Shisha smoking. There are no Tar or other carcinogens in Vape Juices / E-liquids. 

NB: Always buy your Vapes and Vape Juices from official / authorized vape shop, such as Safari Vape Shop in Kenya, to avoid counterfeits!


Is Vaping legal in Kenya?

A: Yes. Vaping devices are similar to
e-cigarettes and are 100% legal in Kenya, as long as you are an adult


Does Vapor include nicotine in Kenyan Vapes?

A: It depends from the Vape Juice you use. We offer Vaping Juices starting from 0 mg (Nicotine free) up to 35 mg Nicotine (Nic Salts).


How do I start vaping in Kenya?

A: The easiest way to is to buy a starter kit that
contains all the equipment you need. To start vaping you will also need
e-liquid / vape juice. You can check our vape kits selection and then Vape juice collection. If you need any help you can contact us on Whatssap: +254 716 142 157


How much does vaping cost in Kenya and East Africa?

A: E-cigarettes / Vape kits start from 799 ksh for Disposable Vape Pens and prices can go over 10000 ksh for the Highest Quality Vape Kits. Average Vape / E-cigarette Kit in Kenya costs around 3000 – 4000 ksh.

E-liquids / Vape Juices usually start around

500-600 ksh for 10 ml bottles, 

1000-1200 ksh for 30 ml bottles and 

60 ml bottles around 2000 Kenyan shillings


What other costs are there in Vaping in Kenya?

A: The main ongoing cost of vaping in Kenya and East Africa is the vape
juice / e-liquid which cost around 500 ksh per 10 ml and Replacement Coils that you change every 2- 4 weeks ( 250 ksh to 600 ksh / coil). Depending on the tolerance of Nicotine / cigarettes,
5 ml of vape juice is usually enough for most people for a day or two at least. 


How long is the Battery Life?

A: The battery life is usually the better the
higher the price of the kit. Charging Vapes is similar as to charging smart phones, around once a day if you use a lot.


Are the batteries rechargeable?

A: Yes. You can use your phone charger also charge your Vape Pen. 

Only the Disposable Vapes aren’t rechargeable, since they are thrown away after use (300 puffs).


What are Mods?

A: A Mod generally refers to device that are bigger and produce more vapor than normal Vape Pens or E-cigarettes. 


What is an Atomizer in Vape?

A: An atomizer is a part of the vaping device that
has a coil of wire and a wick. The wick soaks up e-liquid and the coil heats
the Vape Juice soaked wick, turning the Vape Flavor into vapor.


How do I get more Vapor?

A: To produce more Vapor you should consider getting a Mod or higher Quality Vape Kit. Also Vape Juices that has High VG (Vegetable Glycerine) Produce more Vapor


What is a drip tip?

A: Drip tip is the mouthpiece of the Vape pen, which you use to inhale the vapor from the vaping device


What’s a box Mod?

A: A Box Mod is a box shaped vaping device, such as our
Jomotech 40 Lite, R-Kiss by SMOK or Mag Grip.


What are 18650 batteries?

A: 18650 high drain Lith-ion batteries are used in different
Vapes (and phones). Some of the batteries are in-built the device and some you have to buy separately. Most advanced vaping devices use 18650 batteries.


Do you have to be over 18 years old to use Vapes/e-cigarettes in Kenya?

A: Yes, the legal age to buy nicotine products in
Kenya is +18 years old.


What kind of vape flavors are there?

A: We offer wide selection of different flavors, from sweet candy like, to fruits and drink flavors and all the way to tobacco and cigar flavors. There are thousands of different kind of flavors available


Is Vaping allowed in airplanes in Kenya?

In most countries / as well as in Kenya, vaping in the airplanes is prohibited.


What is a throat hit?

A: A throat hit is the similar feeling you get when you smoke a cigarette. Those who look to quit smoking cigarettes often prefer Vape Juices with high PG to get the similar throat hit as traditional cigarettes. People who don’t like it, often prefer Vape juices with higher VG


What’s the difference
between PG and VG in Vape Juices?

A: Propylene Glycol (PG) produces less vapor and gives the user a throat hit, similar to cigarettes. High VG (Vegetable Glycerin) Vape Juices often produce more Vapor and has a sweeter taste as well as is milder for your throat. Most our Vape Juices are mix of these too, for example 70 % VG / 30 % PG.

 Does Safari Vape Shop sell Smoking / Dry Herb products?

Yes, we offer Dry Herb Vaporizers and, as well, Pipes / Hookas / Flavored Rolling Papers.

Where can I find Safari Vape Shop in Kenya?

 You can find our Safari Vape Shop in Diani Beach, Kenya. We are located on the Diani Beach Road, just next to the Chinese Diani Restaurant. See our location from the map below.


How can I Contact / Follow Safari Vape Shop in Kenya?

You can contact / follow Us:

Whatsapp / Call: +254 716 142 157

Facebook: http://web.facebook.com/SafariVapeShop.KE

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/safarivapeshop.kenya/

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